• 10 Minute Stretch for Tight Hamstrings

    10 Minute Stretch for Tight Hamstrings

    The short hamstring club has a lot of members. This area is a consistent source of tightness and frustration for many of us. But the way you combat that consistent tightness is with consistency of your own – daily mobility and stretching work.

    If you sit all day at a desk and/or spend a fair amount of time driving, then you are especially at risk for these muscles getting tight. This can lead to back pain, hamstring strains, and less-than-optimal performance in the gym.

    To help you combat these problems, The Whole Life Challenge has put together a ten-minute video aimed at lengthening and loosening your hamstrings. Do this sequence at your own level. Like everything else we try to take on in our lives, successful mobility work is about small changes and consistency. So don’t expect perfection.

    To start making a difference in your hamstrings, follow along with this video:

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